Top 3 movie trailers of October 2016


Movie trailers have one job – get you pumped about the movie. The follow trailers did exactly that.

These are my favorite trailers of October 2016!

1. Logan – The trailer for Logan just dropped and I was blown away. Forget Iron man and Captain America. It was Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine that kickstarted the superhero hype. In his final film as Wolverine, it looks like Jackman is going to reinvent the superhero franchise AGAIN.

– See the trailer on the 20th Century Fox Youtube page:

2. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – How do you show the War in Star Wars? Gareth Edwards has the answer. This trailer brilliantly showcased rebellion’s struggle against the empire. It is an underdog story in the Star Wars universe. December can’t arrive soon enough!

– See the trailer on the Star Wars Youtube page:

3. John Wick: Chapter 2 – John Wick got himself a new dog, and it is a pit bull! More awesome gun fu and kickass action.

– See the trailer on Lionsgate Youtube page:

By: Edward


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